Our one-of-a-kind health and wellness service approach with our team of experienced masseuse ensure that each and every customer gets that VIP service they deserve. We deliver massage on demand and never keep a customer waiting.

Zeitaku Massage Spa is one of the best massage salons in Rapid City, providing a range of services to help our clients recover from stress, get relieved from pain, and maximize health and beauty. We make it easy to be healthy, attractive, and happy with our top-quality massage that is second to none. As a distinguished and top-rated Rapid City massage spa, we work by listening to our customer’s needs and personalizing our services to meet their requirements.

Exclusive Luxury .

You get fully stocked showers, slippers, a locker with towels and full-length robes, among other personal care items that will be made available for you to experience pure extravagance.

Personal Privacy

We’ll always respect your comfort and privacy throughout the period of your therapy. Your masseuse will only undrape the area of the body being worked on.

Immaculate Spa

With routine cleaning in-between hours, we maintain superior cleanliness of the spa with fresh towels in your lockers to ensure the health and wellbeing of customers at all times.


A superb massage experience starts with the first impression of comfort. Our massage chairs and tables are designed to keep you well relaxed throughout the period of your massage session.

We will provide a unique experience like no other, easing your tired muscles and rejuvenating your entire body so you can go on living your best life. Our first-class luxury massage services are affordable, and you can be sure that the feeling of comfort and relaxation you experienced will stay with you long after your treatment.