Massage Therapy And How It Can Lead To A Revitalized Life

Massage Therapy And How It Can Lead To A Revitalized Life

What Massage Can Do For You

For some, a massage is a short-term relief that helps speed up healing from injuries. While for others, it is a long-term recovery from stress and physical activities. So many studies have revealed massage therapy to be an efficacious treatment for decreasing stress levels as well as muscle pain and tension. This, in turn, will relax muscles and allow the body to achieve its full mobility capacity.

1) Wellness & Revitalization Most investigations on the advantages of massage focus on how it can provide healing. But, some thoughts conclude that body massage can also affect healthy people. It supports wellness and relaxation and also decreases stress levels to improve immune system function. Studies observed that Swedish massage is consistent in showing it improves sleep. The same investigation also found that Thai massage led to a feeling of energy and revitalization.

2) RELIEVES PAIN Muscular pains and aches are the most typical reasons that drive people to seek massage. Here are some of the known remedies it can provide. Back and neck pain Headaches and migraines Autoimmune disease Pain from muscular injuries Cramps, labor, and menopausal pains

3) PROVIDES SUPPORTIVE CARE Massage can add to the supportive care given to patients with terminal illnesses. Cancer patients Through massage, cancer patients can sleep better and overcome fatigue and exhaustion. In turn, this contributes to less anxiety, stress, and depression. Massage therapy has also shown effectiveness in decreasing constipation and nausea. Massage has demonstrated that it provides an improved quality of life for this group. For surgical patients Surgical patients in hospital settings can hasten recovery using massage therapy. It promotes wellness and reduces the risk of complications. It even helps limit a patient’s reliance on prescriptions for pain relief. A large number of clinical trials observed that massage therapy could, in fact, reduce intense pain.

4) IMPROVES QUALITY OF LIFE Patients experiencing debilitating health challenges can still get an improved quality of life. There is some evidence pointing to the fact that massage therapy can also be advantageous to people with tough health issues. Some of their health conditions include For people with HIV/AIDS For people experiencing mood-related challenges For individuals experiencing insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder For people with hypertension. For people with diabetes For individuals undergoing dialysis For people with Parkinson disease For individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Opioids are substances that generate a morphine-like effect. They offer medical benefits by alleviating pain, just like anesthesia. There are some prohibited forms as well, like heroin. Common side effects of using opioids are nausea and vomiting. Physical dependence or addiction and Respiratory depression are also common side effects. Massage therapy is demonstrating strong evidence in relieving such kinds of pain. It is for this reason that massage therapy is generating a lot of interest in the context of reducing the need for the consumption of opioid drugs. Massage therapy also presents a low-risk substitute compared to these substances. In acknowledgment of this fact, policy-making bodies have published strategies that utilize massage therapy as a part of managing pain. This aims to shift patient’s focus from dependence on Opioid drugs. Mind And Body Wellness Is Within Your Reach This post is only a summary of what massage therapy can do. There are much more extensive reports that provide an in-depth explanation of the capabilities of massage therapy. More than that, massage therapy can also contribute to a well-balanced mind and body in a significant way. Ready to experience the best massage therapy? Give Zeitaku Massage Spa the privilege of helping you achieve your full relaxation potential! Book an appointment with us today.