Special Korean Scrub Bath

The Miracle Of Special Korean Scrub Bath

The special Korean scrub bath is a part of Korean culture performed in their specific bathhouses called Jimjilbang. These esthetic centers are the central spot of tourist attraction. Many people from distant localities visit Korean spas for the miracle they do with the person’s health, mind, soul, and body.

Scrub Bath

Korean jimjilbangs are famous for the sauna, soak, steam, scrub baths, and various massages.

This scrub bath technique was previously unknown and infamous.

But, it gained popularity when the Hollywood stars visited Los Angeles Koreatown.

Many estheticians reported that tourists spend a day in Korean spas for this amazing scrub bath even when they have a total trip of two days’ visit.


So, let’s see how it is performed and what it gives you. You will not believe that people get shocked by the results. Indeed it is a beautiful miracle!

The Privacy Facility

Zeitaku Spa & Massage Rapid City offer you separate chambers for male and female scrub bathing. Moreover, they give you the facility to get scrubbed with the esthetician of your same gender.

How is it performed Scrub Bath?

  • Firstly, the esthetician asks the client to get soaked in a hot water bath. This soaking takes ten to fifteen minutes minimum. However, thirty minutes of soaking will give you the best and effective results.

The purpose of this is to make your skin prune and wrinkly so that it is easy to scrub off the dead skin. At this time, the experts also provide you soaps to prepare the skin for scrubbing.

  • Then, you have to take the herbal detoxifying steam. Koreans use mugwort for this herbal steam.

Mugwort has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it is so soothing and nourishing for your skin. It has essential antioxidants and is used to treat many skin conditions like skin itchiness and psoriasis.

  • Finally, it comes to the most astounding part of this treatment. It is watching piles of your dead skin coming in grey ropes.

Estheticians use special scrubbing mitts to scrub away your body. These gloves have a specific sandpaper-like texture that helps the job done. These are also known as the Korean Italy towel. This cleaning process, called the scrubbing session involves the use of milk. It aids to get the exfoliating effect of the lactic acid in it.

The last service involves washing the client’s hair and giving him/her the facial treatment.

Get The Wonderfully Soft Skin!

  • This special Korean scrub bath helps you to detox your skin.
  • It aids in clearing and deep cleansing the pores. Ultimately, making it breathable and refreshing.
  • It promotes blood circulation. This helps in providing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. Thus, it makes your skin more healthy.
  • Also, it helps to clear your skin deeply from all the dirt and excess oil.
  • Moreover, it will make your skin super soft and smooth.
  • Lastly, this special scrub bath makes your skin glowing.


  • Bare yourself completely. It includes removing all your precious rings, necklaces or chains, earrings, and other accessories like glasses and watches.
  • Relax your body to get proper scrubbing.
  • Have a weekly scrub for maintaining the best results.

Not To-DOs

  • Please do not use your shower gel, or it will make your skin slippery. It will complicate the scrubbing session, and you won’t get rid of all dead skin.
  • Do not soak yourself in a hot bath that is too warm for you. Adjust the temperature according to your endurance and try to soak your body for about 30 minutes.

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