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Note To Self:

Have you ever thought how much your skin has to go through every single day? You don’t? let me remind you, well for starters you wash your face either with soaps or face washes containing god knows what, and then ladies paint with coats of makeup about which they know nothing, again and guys would be completely carefree and wouldn’t even care about giving their skin even a little moisture Will this do? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, absolute, definite, big, fat NO.


Why the Note?

All this carelessness might not affect you a lot if you are young and in your teen years but have you ever given a thought to what would happen after that? After your twenties? Maybe now you need one coat of makeup Spa And Salon, but then you might require many layers.

Is your skin really capable of surviving all those coats? Scared by picturing your thirties like this? I bet you would be.

But if you continued to ignore these little signs, you would be spending a good sum of money on your deteriorating skin in your thirties or forties and might not be able to get great results.

 What is to be Done?

spa and saloonspa and salonSo wakeup and makeup!!! Opssssss, let me rephrase that, wakeup from your blissful ignorance and do something for yourself. Yes, yourself, not for me, not for anyone else but yourself.

Think of those rosy cheeks, soft lips, flawless skin, freshness and glow you have or had in your twenties….. Don’t you want that same youth again, for as long as you live? Sure you do.

The good news is that it’s not so hard for you to achieve this goal. You basically need to spend some pennies on yourself starting today and without any breaks to encase and capture your youth in a jar forever. Don’t know where to go? Try visiting Rapid City Massage who offers all these treatments, therapies and much more.

The Musts:

All you need to do is find a good Spa or Salon, who can help you save your skin, your youth, and your glow forever. A Spa / Salon who is capable of studying your skin and giving best advice and best treatments for you. It’s not too hard to spare some time on weekends and use it for yourself, the ME-TIME people always speak of but never try making it a part of their lifestyle in time.

All you need to do is try getting some facials that best suit your skin, a massage, some head massage, manicure, pedicure and other stuff that your Spa or Salon might find best for you keeping your age and skin in view.

Of course, you don’t have to do all these treatments at one time so you can keep one treatment for one weekend and the next weekend you can switch to the next treatment on the line, but you must check which treatment is the most prior.

These treatments and a few visits will not only help you rejuvenate your skin but would cause a drastic change in your health and consequently your mood.

Head Massage:

You see, a head massage will help you focus more on your work, you will feel relaxed, refreshed and therefore you will notice a betterment in everything you do whether it’s your official work or your domestic work.

Facial / Body Massage:

Facials and body massages will heal you from inside out, this little treatment for your physical and mental health will relax you and its effect will be represented from the outside and the glow of your face will prove that you are caring for yourself.

And what harm would a good compliment do eh? I mean if your colleague or spouse tells you that you look so beautiful or handsome wouldn’t that triple your happiness, wouldn’t it? It will for sure. Not to forget the improvement in your selfies and your social media following, o come on, I know you love it, we are all guilty here!

I believe all this information will motivate you to start caring for yourself starting today. So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and get an appointment for the weekend. Ciao!

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