Singing Bowl Treatment and Benefits

Singing Bowl Massage Therapy:

Singing bowls were initially used by Tibetan monks to perform their spiritual rites. Later, these bowls perfect found its application for sound massage therapy.

You can find these bowls in Himalayans, China, Japan, and Thailand.

These bowls of metal alloy are of particular weight and size. They are about 150grams to several kgs and 5-35cm in diameter.

However, much heavier and larger pots are also available. The knowledge of sound massage therapy emerged from India more than 5000 years ago.

Sounds of different frequencies, wavelengths, and tones are produced. It seems as the bowl is singing. Hence, named as singing bowl massage.

Your body resonates in response to these peaceful sounds when they strike your flesh and bone. Consequently, reviving your mind, soul, body, and emotions. This therapy delivers the sounds of peace, harmony, and provides melodious meditation.

See How Singing Bowl Therapy Works

Remember the High school tuning fork experiment of Physics. Where a tuning fork when strikes produce sound waves. And when we dip it in the water, it generates circular waves. Same is the mechanism based on which this singing bowl massage works.

Our body is composed of fluids. It can be water, blood, or cerebrospinal fluid. These pleasing and enchanting sounds originating from the singing bowls collide with our body fluids and induces deep meditation.

These soothing vibrations reinforce the relaxation reflex of the nervous system. It also disrupts the pain reflex and releases stress. Moreover, it slows down the fast respiratory rate and heart rate to normal.


The Procedure is Quite Simple…

This soothing singing bowl massage therapy involves the production of harmonious vibrational frequencies. First of all, an experienced practitioner gathers singing bowls that can produce varying pleasing sounds. The client relaxes on a couch or a futon matt. It works by hitting the bowl with a mallet or a rubber-covered dowel.

These Tibetan bowls are placed on different parts of the body like chest and back. Also, various other containers in the surrounding area help to generate resonating sounds of varying notes. Ultimately, these vibrations induce harmony in your mind and soul.

singing bowl treatment

Why it’s more helpful to have singing bowl therapy at the massage center?

Well, it is not a complex therapy that you can only get from an expert or aesthetic musician. However, only the trained therapist or learner knows about the basic anatomy, sound, and vibrations.

Moreover, he knows about how sound waves interact with the human body. And how brain fluids are stimulated and resonate in response. You can do it at your home, but for that, you need to learn the necessary knowledge.

For this purpose, you need to gather some essentials. It includes a comfortable bed, singing bowls of various sizes and weights, mallet or padded-dowl, and some clean covering sheets.


However, the essential requirement is the peaceful environment devoid of noise. This serene location can only be the right massage centre like that of rapid city massage, of course.

What Benefits Do You Get From This Massage?

  • Induces deep meditationsinging bow
  • Releases stress
  • Promotes restorative sleep
  • Drains the lymph
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Promotes the healing process
  • Relaxes brain
  • Encourages positivity
  • Reduces pain
  • helps with fibromyalgia
  • Alternative medicine for hypertension and fatigue syndrome

How to recognize a good singing bowl for this massage?

High-quality antique style singing bowls are available in the Himalayas. In ancient times, these bowls were made of pure metals fabricated into an alloy. Look for metals like gold, silver, mercury, copper, zinc, tin, lead, iron, bismuth, pyrite.

These high-end bowls require about 32 hours of hard work of over 4-5 experts. Quality material produces harmonic overtones. Unluckily, Asia is producing cheap-quality metal bowls for this holistic art.


Avoid this therapy in:

  • Pregnant females (special precautions in the first trimester)
  • Possibility of conception in female
  • Heart patients with a pacemaker
  • Presence of tumor or infection
  • Patients with thrombotic disorders


This massage is an exclusive remedy for the management of stress, anxiety, and depression. It works well for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Moreover, this alternative medicine is best to alleviate pain due to fibromyalgia and treats chronic fatigue syndrome.

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