Trekker’s Foot Massage

Routine Life: Times are real tough….. Schedules are hectic, Life is busy ….. So a break is necessary, Wouldn’t you agree with me? As students, professionals, parents or just humans we crave a change of course, something that would journey beyond our monotonous routine. We want change, some mental relaxation, some kind of newness. And […]

Spa and Salon

Note To Self: Have you ever thought how much your skin has to go through every single day? You don’t? let me remind you, well for starters you wash your face either with soaps or face washes containing god knows what, and then ladies paint with coats of makeup about which they know nothing, again […]

Benefits from Regular Massage

Peer-reviewed medical research has shown that the benefits of massage include pain relief, reduced trait anxiety and depression, and temporarily reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and state of anxiety. Additional testing has shown an immediate increase and expedited recovery periods for muscle performance. Theories behind what massage might do include blocking nociception (gate control theory), […]

Aroma Therapy and it’s effects

Aroma Therapy and its Effects   Have you ever been through strange, irritating physical, or mental issues? Sure you do, everyone faces it at one point Aroma Therapy or another. The problem is that sometimes we are unable to understand the core issues behind these conditions and we usually tend to ignore it rather than […]

Special Korean Scrub Bath

The Miracle Of Special Korean Scrub Bath The special Korean scrub bath is a part of Korean culture performed in their specific bathhouses called Jimjilbang. These esthetic centers are the central spot of tourist attraction. Many people from distant localities visit Korean spas for the miracle they do with the person’s health, mind, soul, and body. […]

Singing Bowl Treatment and Benefits

Singing Bowl Massage Therapy: Singing bowls were initially used by Tibetan monks to perform their spiritual rites. Later, these bowls perfect found its application for sound massage therapy. You can find these bowls in Himalayans, China, Japan, and Thailand. These bowls of metal alloy are of particular weight and size. They are about 150grams to […]

10 ways to use Cinnamon for beauty

10 ways to use Cinnamon for beauty Beauty needs no ornaments. However, it requires polishing and revamping. Many people nowadays are attracting towards natural ingredients to enhance their look. When it comes to spices, the most beneficial boon of the Lord is Cinnamon. This spice is well known for its benefits for health and beauty. […]

Clinically Proven Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is believed as the mainstream preference to provide exposure for treatment sessions. There are several forms of massage Rapid City to promote relaxation throughout the entire body. This is the manipulation of soft tissues generally applied with elbows, knees, hands, etc. Massage therapy is delivered to reduce flaccidity and muscular tension. Through sedation and stimulation, […]

How to get the most excellent & Best out of A massage in Rapid City SD?

Massages and spas are always great. Right? Because massages and spas will help you to reduce your body stress and give a healthy life. Well, there’s a way to make massage Rapid City SD even better and great. You must keep and follow a few points in mind before going to get a massage done! Feel And […]

What is Reflexology and How it differs from a Foot Massage

In reflexology, the pressure is applied to particular reflex spots on the foot. These spots or points correspond to organs and sections of the body. Reflexology is one of the most famous and popular kinds of massage in Rapid City, SD. Pressing the soft fleshy ball of the foot, stretching on the toes, tracing around […]